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Imagine having a salesforce in your brick and mortar that just sat behind their desk and waited for clients to walk through the door. After they do, your sales team sometimes chooses to cater to their needs and other times not to. That isn’t very good business is it? The problem is that if you aren’t employing the best SEO service to devise a campaign that is explosive and gains you the exposure you crave, you are hiring a bunch of guys to sit behind a preverbal desk and wait for someone to walk in the door.

Several components are necessary for a successful internet campaign. Search engines are expert at spotting all the tricks of the trade. Just when SEO experts think that they have a handle on what it takes, the search engines go and change everything up. Web Portal India has the cutting edge professional staff that knows how to anticipate trends, change for market demands and always keep your webpage on page one. After all, how many times do you actually go to page two? Any smart business owner understands that if it isn't seen on the first internet search, it isn’t seen at all.

Our services include:

Onsite SEO

We can analyze the structure of your website and industry to provide your webpage with what it needs to gain you the exposure necessary to catapult your site to the number one ranking. Using the tools available at our disposal, we are always anticipating change and altering your overall campaign to target not only your target audience but anyone who could potentially be an asset. We understand how search engines work, how they change, and what they are looking for. A rare quality in the SEO field, we think outside the box and find the “in” that no one else can.

Penalty recovery

Search engines are not forgiving. Like having a grade point average, you can work so hard to get all “A’s” and it only takes one time to mess things up to ruin it forever. Our team of experts understands how to undo those things that cause trouble and to override mistakes in your ranking that can cause a considerable amount of damage. Minimizing the missteps while maximizing the positives is what we specialize in.

Link building

The key to webpages in the eyes of search engines is the strength of the connections that they have to other relative sites. Link building involves knowing which websites you want to associate with and which you want to avoid. We have the right professionals to seek out those authority sites you want to connect with while avoiding those that will tank even the best of SEO ranking.

Content marketing

Lesser SEO Marketing companies think that content is all about identifying keywords and key phrases, but it is about so much more. Making content that is engaging, relative to your industry, and involves all the right media and rich identifying keywords is what exposure is all about. We know how to develop content that will increase your ranking and lead to that number one spot that you desire. After all, it isn’t just about a set of words, it is about a sequence of sensical information that has value-added for the consumer.


If you aren’t connected to the press release circuit, you are missing out on use exposure for your corporation or company. We know how to get the word out with amazing buzz appeal to make things that may or may not be newsworthy, exciting. That is our job, to make you sound more amazing than you may or may not be.


Think that you have a product or service that isn’t worth talking about? We can prove you wrong. We know how to go through the channels to create the right kind of attention and buzz it takes to excel. Reaching your target audience and beyond we have the expertise to reach out to everyone who could potentially benefit from knowing all about you.

Social media promotion

The new age of the internet is all about who you know on social media sites. Everything being related, social media is something that has huge potential if you know how to manipulate it and how to categorize the people who use it. Your website is the best tool for your business. Learning how to use it to your advantage, understanding industry trends, and being on the cusp of anticipating the future is what we are all about.

Reporting and analyzing

Other agencies may tell you what they are going to do for you, but when it comes to putting it in writing, it is another whole story. Because we know that what we do is valuable and can increase your exposure, and your bottom line, Web Portal India will provide you with concrete quantitative measurements of how we are increasing your business processes and your profits. Unlike others who will merely tell you what they can do, we can provide you with concrete measurements of how putting your faith and your website design and development in our hands will ultimately benefit your companies goals.

Web Portal India is a full-service website design service that is a jack of all trades. Specializing in increasing traffic flow, creating an excellent online reputation and being your portal to the world, we understand the complexity of search engine categorization and how to devise and maintain the most efficient and effective website for your individual needs.

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