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The key to increasing your website traffic and your presence on the internet and search engines is by making your website responsive across different mediums. The future of web design lies in being able to create web pages that are beautiful across multiple devices and programs.

Modern website demands responsive design and development that not only captures the imagination of your audience now but anticipates changes for the future. Web Portal India understands the importance of staying one step ahead and by anticipating future trends through creating website design that is responsive to industry changes as well as technological ones.

How our website design differs from traditional design

Traditional website design consisted of a one-size-fits-all approach that had various technologies that weren’t very good at accommodating various platforms. Having only one way to view a website, it created pages that were limited or hard to access and see from multiple devices. The new wave of “mobile-friendly” versions help users to navigate better through your website to find what they want and give shortcuts to make it more useful.

Mobile-friendly designs are not only good to increase viewer satisfaction, but they also help to increase your overall traffic. Sites like Google have started to use mobile compatibility as a measure of your overall internet ranking, which is what makes our services so much more valuable. It is no longer about just having an attractive website design, it must also be helpful to your target audience and be read correctly by search engines to gain the most exposure possible.

Services offered

Designing, planning and developing professional pages that captive your target audience is our expertise.
Using advanced search engine optimization tactics and the latest technology, our responsive design will increase your conversion rates as well as your overall traffic. That translates into an increase in your customer base and your bottom line.

Our team of experts understands how to ensure that your website is seen in the best light no matter what medium or device the viewer is viewing it from. That requires us to think outside of the box, stay on the cutting edge, and to anticipate changes before they happen.
The responsive nature of our website design, planning and development increase your traffic flow, exposure and the usefulness of your website for your users.

Web Portal India is a full-service website design service that is a jack of all trades. Specializing in increasing traffic flow, creating an excellent online reputation and being your portal to the world, we understand the complexity of search engine categorization and how to devise and maintain the most efficient and effective website for your individual needs.

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